International Digital Storytelling Program

Travel with Purpose

Laos Journalism Workshop

Digital Storytelling Adventures are a tasty mix of cultural awareness, adventure travel, insider access to living historians, community service and backpack journalism. Wow! This one-of-a-kind educational trip empowers students to skillfully transmit global truths…seen through their own eyeballs. We’ll arm them with the tips and tricks to create short films, digital stories & interactive blogs about their personal experience. Check out past projects.


The Big, Juicy Difference

Rwanda Journalism Trip

Most digital storytelling workshops run 1-3 days and take place locally. There’s nothing wrong with this, but where better to learn the essentials of dynamic storytelling than in foreign lands dripping with memorable characters and meaningful stories? Nothing wakes you from your scholastic coma quicker! After all, when the mind is alert, it is more receptive to process and retain new concepts. And our concepts are industry-tested from award-winning journalists and instructors. That, my friend, is our big, juicy difference.

History’s Never Been So Cool

Our philosophy is simple: Take kids to places where history was made. Destinations with a rich past provide for a wildly engaging experience. Our trips are packed with Grade A, Jumbo-Sized Story Telling Opportunities.

Need more proof? No problem. Take a look at the video. ABC7 News, Los Angeles profiled Friendship Tours’ historic trip to Vietnam to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Napalm Girl photo. It shows the power of taking students to countries where history happened.

Digital Storytelling Tools

You don’t need expensive equipment to tell compelling stories. Believe it or not, the very thing you text, talk and Tweet on is all you need! The video quality from the latest crop of smartphones is pretty good. Of course, you can kick up your production values a notch with the following gear:

  • DSLR HD Video Camera (ie. Canon t5i, Panasonic GH3)
  • Inexpensive HD Video Camera (ie. Canon RX500)
  • Tripod for Steady Shots
  • Lavalier Mic for Great Interview Sound
  • Shotgun Mic for Enhanced Audio Quality
  • Headphones to Monitor Audio
  • Batteries, Chargers & Power Adaptors


We only go to cool places. Places that’ll make some of your friends jealous. Check out a sample of countries where we do Digital Storytelling Workshops:

  • Cambodia
  • Cuba
  • Laos
  • Rwanda
  • Vietnam