Project Description

Can folding an origami crane bring peace? In Wings of Peace, a video by Danielle Stolz, two teens of Japanese-American descent (Stolz and friend Aimee Misaki) journey to Laos with origami papers in hand. Boundaries of language and culture are transcended when Laotians affected by unexploded bombs fold cranes and share their dreams for a better life. The film asks U.S. viewers to reflect upon the tragic legacy of war from the World War II atomic bombing of Hiroshima to the Vietnam War-era Secret War on Laos.

Awards: Numerous film festival wins & dozens of nominations!

*This teen-produced documentary resulted from An Investigative Journalism Adventure to Laos, a program of Friendship Tours World Travel and Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, California, led by Emmy Award-winning journalist Jeff MacIntyre (Content Media Group), artist/educator Cheri Gaulke, and history teacher Alethea Paradis. For more info about this and other trips, go to

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saynotouxoThe Laos students were so moved by their experience, they started a movement to help aid Laotians still suffering from the consequences of war. Please visit for more information.
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